Insurance Consulting

Firemen fighting a raging fire
When disaster strikes the Certified Industrial Hygienist can be a essential partner for insurance providers for assuring best outcomes.

Certified Industrial Hygienists play an important role in assessing property and liability losses and worker compensation claims from workplace related illnesses and injuries.  Claims management depends on having accurate, timely assessment of loss, collection of samples to evaluate cause and origin of losses, review of files and preparation of reports by qualified third-party professionals that meet the highest standards for data quality.

The services TerraStrata can provide include:

  • Investigations for water damage/infiltration, sewage and smoke damage from fires and furnace puffbacks
  • Review of Contractor Work Plans
  • Cause and Origin of losses to aid in evaluating insurance coverage
  • Investigation of Worker Compensation Claims
  • On-site support for catastrophic losses including prioritizing response actions and surface/air sampling
  • Post-restoration sampling for re-occupancy


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