Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor air handling is too often neglected. Out of sight, out of mind! The Certified Industrial Hygienist can inspect, assess and plan remediation as needed to keep the air indoors in top quality

When the air quality inside a building is diminished, it can cause adverse health effects and impact employee productivity and morale.  Over the past several years, a growing body of scientific evidence indicates that air quality in workplaces as well as in the home can be impacted by pollution sources such as heating and air conditioning, modern building materials, as well as the use of chemical and cleaning products. In our experience, as many of two-thirds of IAQ problems are linked to improperly designed or poorly maintained HVAC systems or inadequate ventilation.  Let our Certified Industrial Hygienists  evaluate the cause of IAQ issues and offer practical solutions.

The services TerraStrata can provide includes:

  • COVID-19 Building Infection Control Plans and Testing
  • Inspect elements of HVAC systems and Preventative Maintenance procedures that impact building IAQ
  • LEED IEQ Air Testing (New construction and renovations)
  • Measure indoor air quality comfort parameters
  • Search for water infiltration pathways using thermal imaging and moisture mapping
  • Test for formaldehyde and other chemical agents
  • Biohazard Assessment (Mold, Bacteria, Sewage)

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