• Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    From HVAC inspections to biohazard
    assessment we can provide expert
    consulting on  the complex factors of IAQ 


    We can provide a full range of expert
    consulting including mold, bacteria,
    viruses, sewage or other toxins. From
    detection, assessment, planning and
    all the way to evaluation of remediation
    to see you through your unique biohazard


    Certified Industrial Hygienist consulting is
    crucial in assessing property and liability
    losses and worker compensation claims.
    We can consult on the whole loss evaluation
    and recovery process for optimum outcomes


    Certified Industrial Hygienists are your
    construction partner. From evaluation
    to plan development each site is unique.
    Our expert consulting can help make a
    smoother projects by anticipating
    environmental hurdles and knowing how
    to navigate them

  • Industrial Hygiene

    Dangerous work can be done safely. This is where
    a certified industrial hygienist can be of assistance
    to identify problems and define best practices to
    get jobs done while protecting life and limb.

  • Legal Consulting

    Behind the scenes investigations or consulting to
    expert witness testimony the certified industrial
    hygienist can bring specialized skills and specialized
    credibility to both defense and prosecution teams.

  • Clandestine Drug Labs

    Clandestine drug labs create special safety,
    health and environmental challenges to assessment,
    remediation and cleanup. A certified industrial
    hygienist can provide valuable knowledge and
    expertise needed for a successful investigation
    and safe site recovery.

a leader in occupational And environmental health & safety consulting

TerraStrata is a leader in the field of occupational health and environmental health & safety consulting.  We provide our clients with personalized care.  When you call, email or message us, you will speak to one of the principals. Whether your needs are for the support for a single project or for an ongoing need, we will remain by your side providing you with the highest quality service.

Your Needs, Not Ours

Our specialty is working with small and mid-sized companies that do not have the need or resources to support a full-time team of professionals.  TerraStrata will assist you in developing the program that best fits your needs and to assist you in the transition when the time is right.  Today’s companies face challenges to protect their employees; to comply with myriad regulatory challenges and collect the data needed to make informed business decisions.  

Why Terra Strata ?

TerraStrata takes its name from the Latin words for layers of the Earth. Our Certified Industrial Hygienists take this mission seriously, to protect the Earth while providing innovative, professional services.  The principals of TerraStrata have backgrounds in engineering, environmental health & safety and sciences. 


Your information is yours and yours alone.  We share information only with the parties you authorize us to.


We are committed to providing a quality product at the right price in your time frame.  We work with manufacturers, insurance companies, healthcare, property management and educational clients.  If your needs are outside our core competencies, we will tell you so and will help you to find a suitable alternate.

Practice Areas

Our practice areas include all aspects of the built environment.  We support indoor environmental quality issues both in occupational and residential settings.  This includes indoor air quality, mold/biohazards, industrial hygiene, clandestine drug labs, insurance consulting, construction safety and legal support/expert testimony.  While we do not support asbestos or lead-paint testing,     we are pleased to direct you to one of our colleagues with that expertise.  

TerraStrata serves clients throughout New England.  Let us show you how we can earn your trust and develop, grow or enhance your environmental health & safety program.




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